28th September 2017


On the week of 18 September 2017, Paisley Seventh-day Adventist youth were blessed to have Pastor Obi Iheoma return to the church he pastored in his time in Scotland, to deliver a SMART Love seminar that covered issues that are rarely ever spoken about. The seminars helped the youth understand the importance of developing feelings of self-worth, what dating and being in a relationship really means, and arguably the greatest challenge faced by young people when it comes to dating, the difference between love and infatuation and how to deal with all these challenges in God's way, rather than our own way.

Although the youth had a sense of 'not this again', the seminar quickly became the highlight of their evenings, as more youth attended each day whilst also bringing along some of their friends from outside the church. Parents and adults were not permitted to attend the SMART Love seminars, and this allowed the youth to be more open and free to ask questions and even share some of their own experiences. Even though the seminars were geared towards teenagers, it was the young IMG-20170926-WA0003adults ‒ those in their early 20s ‒ that were most captivated by what was being taught. Alice who could only attend one of the sessions said, "Some of the things were eye-opening", whilst others said that the seminars had completely changed their perspectives on dating. It was no longer just about dating, but dating with the intention of marriage and most importantly, dating God's way.

On the final day of the seminars, all those who had attended also made a pledge to themselves and to God, that they would live a life that pleases God, the Creator who is always there to show them how they are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

The week was a great highlight for the youth of Paisley Seventh-day Adventist church, one which many wished would go on for longer, as they were learning truths that completely "blew" their minds. It was reformation that will change their lives for the better.


[Benjamin Bakina]

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