NEC Area 3 Day of Fellowship

17th May 2018

On Sabbath 28 April, expectant North England Conference (NEC) church members gathered in Grimsby Hall for their Area 3 Day of Fellowship. The PJAL8012members were welcomed to the hall by Howard, the venue's manager. The Area 3 of churches covers Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Doncaster and some outlying areas.  British Union Conference President, Pastor Ian Sweeney, spoke about angry Christians, reminding the members of how generous God's grace is towards His children.

The Adventist Chorale IL4A0108-2created a wonderful atmosphere throughout the day as they lifted everyone's heart in song. However, the day will be remembered by the number of Pathfinders and Adventurers who attended, some travelling over eighty miles to parade on the streets of Grimsby.

The weather was typical for this part IL4A1031of the country and light rain fell throughout the day. However, the children and youth were not put off and marched through the streets as people curiously looked on. One young person commented how surprised they felt by the warm welcome as many tracts and literature were distributed. This was all to support the growing Adventurer Club in Grimsby. The NEC Pathfinder director, Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi led the investiture service of the Grimsby Adventurers and prayer for PJAL8382given for the group.

This was a Day of Fellowship where the children played their part and rose to the occasion.  They sang 'This little light of mine', led by JoAnne Sibanda, during the divine service and were not overwhelmed by the occasion.

Overall, it was a day well supported and enjoyed by all. The many weeks and months of preparation paid off, thanks to the effort of the area pastors and their team.

Special thanks go to Pastor John Francis and his wife Delivon who had the vision and determination to hold this event. Those who came now know a little more about Grimsby and hopefully this town will feature as a place to visit for many.

[Carlton Douglas and Lungani Sibanda]

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